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If you have any questions you want to ask please leave a comment below and I’ll gladly answer. It’s as easy as that!!! :))

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  1. G’day Mykal,

    Love your photo’s, they are very inspirational.
    I also have an OMD EM1 and am looking to upgrade from the kit lens.
    Wondering if you are happy with the 12-40mm?
    Do you use any filters with the EM1?



    1. G’day Jeff,

      Thanks for the kind words. I too started with a kit lens 12-50mm it’s a good around lens but the 12-40 f2.8 leaves it for dead. The image quality is much sharper and great for low light. I love walking around the city at night without a tripod capturing images at f2.8, ISO 1600 knowing the image stabilisation will give me those extra stops of light required. I highly recommend it if it’s in your budget range. I do have good collection of Hitech resin filters with a Lee Filter Holder Foundation kit and used them with other lenses I own but haven’t yet pick up a 77-62mm stepdown ring so I can use them with this lens. (Thanks for reminding me so I can jump online to pick it up 🙂 ) I bought my filters from and will be upgrading to the Firecrest or Pro IRND filters. With these filters there is virtually no colour cast at all. The only other filters I have are a circular polariser, a very cheap variable 2-8 stop ND filter, a Lee Big Stopper ( 10 stop filter) and a B+W ND110 ( 10 stop filter). Why do I have 2 x 10 stop filters? One is a slot in (Lee) the other is screw in (B+W).

      I hope I have answered all you questions. Don’t hesitate to ask more if needed. I’ll gladly help.


  2. Mykal,

    Just love your work! I am looking for the photo of yours of an interior with a staircase and a landing. There is a person or two on the stairs. I think the carpeting has almost a checkerboard pattern? It almost looks like an Escher drawing. Is that photo available for sale? I would like to use it as art on a wall in my home.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Ken, thanks for the inquiry. I know the image you’re looking for. It’s my favourite Street photography image to date. Could you please send me an email on with the size and print medium you would like if known. That way we can workout a price.

  3. I am also looking for a print of the Queen Victoria staircase (Ted Forbes?). I was completely taken by it on Google’s screensaver.

    1. Thanks for contacting me Lynn I greatly appreciate it. I have replied to your email with the details. As for seeing it on Google’s screensaver, would you believe out of the 3.5 billion views it has received I have not yet seen it myself.

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