Join The OM-D E-M5MkII Olympus Sydney Photowalk 13th March

Olympus Photowalk Sydney

First up I would like to thank you for visiting my new website. Have a poke around and please leave any comments that you feel may help me fine tune this site. I’ll be making this my new home for image posts, photo tips and tricks, photography news and later this year something completely new for me as I break new ground and venture into video. Of course I’ll be using my new Olympus OM-D E-M5MkII for this :))

Anyway back to the point of this post, the good folks at Olympus AU are hosting another Sydney Photowalk this Friday the 13th March. The number of participants are limited so act fast. For more information click the previous link. This is your chance to get your hands on the new Olympus OM-D E-M5MkII and lenses. You will then know what all the hype is about for their latest release but be warned. You will have to hide your credit card as this is in a class of its own. I have already purchased mine and it was delivered last week and I couldn’t be happier.

See you there!!!


2 thoughts on “Join The OM-D E-M5MkII Olympus Sydney Photowalk 13th March


      Meet on the Grass on the Opera House side, The Rocks Natalie.

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